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Apogee WebApproval

LAUNCH DATE Confirmed for Our new online PDF workflow Apogee webapproval.
monday 17th July

We are getting nearer to updating our Apogee Portal system and have available, a ‘test’ site which we are inviting customers to log onto and get a feel for how it is going to work.

Take a look at ‘What’s New’ with our user friendly Apogee WebApproval.


Please contact our Prepress Department at and ask for a test job to be set up so you too can familiarise yourselves with the new look?

We have also produced a ‘User Guide’ below which walks you through the basic steps.


It will be easier to use, to collaborate and supports the very latest web browsers.

Benefits include:

  • Apogee WebApproval runs in HTML5 so no longer relies on third-party applications such as Java.
  • The User Interface fully supports Apple and Android tablets, as well as desktop use.
  • De-cluttered User Interface allowing easier process steps.
  • Fully functioning drag-and-drop of pages from desktop into the job.
  • There is an intuitive preflight report which zones the region with a remark.
  • 1-click page approving.
  • Ability to view and approve multi-language jobs.


We are also offering our customers a chance to log into a temporary site so you can familiarise yourself with the new look.

If you have any questions please contact the Prepress Department on 01685 388888 or email