Stephens & George


Feeling The Benefit

24th September 2017


Efficiency & Accuracy

Our Heidelberg presses are the envy of our industry producing the highest quality of print. They are equipped with the very latest colour measurement systems achieving accurate ISO 12647 colour standards for all substrates.

With minimal make-ready times providing significant savings in paper consumption linked to fully automated plate loading promoting the highest levels of productivity and efficiency, truly demonstrating lean manufacturing and cost savings to our clients.


Actual Savings to You and Our Environment

Based on a 48pp issue of 10,000 copies, we saved a new customer over 342kg of paper used for every issue of their magazine, compared to having it previously printed via web offset.

With 51 issues printed a year, this equates to nearly 17.5 TONNES OF PAPER PER YEAR.

Reducing the impact on our environment, a considerable financial benefit to our customer whilst improving the quality of their magazines.

So if you’re in a position to choose your new print partner, please consider the benefits that we can bring to your company and your printed publications.