Stephens & George

Our History

“Stephens and George the Electric Press” was the name of a small business employing 3 people established in 1912. The firm was located in a first floor terraced outlet in Aberdare, South Wales. The area was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and was steeped in tradition witha skilled workforce reliant on employment within the local steelworks.


This newly formed Company owned one of the first ever electric presses installed in the UK. Even back then, this fledgling firm believed in the value of investing in the most recent and advanced technology. Over the course of the next few decades the business blossomed and “Stephens and George The Electric Press” quickly established itself at the forefront of printing within the South Wales Valleys. A key source of income was derived from specialising in printing for Non-Conformist and Anglican churches.


1947 proved to be a watershed year for this small Company. Mr William George and Mr David Stephens, the founders of the firm, retired and transferred the business over to three existing senior members of staff. These were Maldwyn Jones (son-in-law of Mr George), R.F. Davies and W.J. Wilcox. In the process Messieurs Jones, Davies and Wilcox incorporated the business into Stephens & George Ltd. This proved to be a beneficial move for within four years the business continued to flourish and they relocated to new premises in Aberdare.


In 1960 Gareth Jones, son of Maldwyn Jones, was introduced into the business and due to continued success nine years later, Stephens and George relocated to nearby Merthyr Tydfil. 1975 was a defining moment for the Company as S&G continued with its policy of embracing technology by investing in their very first lithographic press.


Gareth Jones’ son Andrew, was introduced into the firm in 1979 whereupon he commenced his 4 year apprenticeship and started his long road within the industry that would eventually lead him to becoming Chairman and Group Managing Director.
The 1980’s was a period of rapid growth and also an emphasis on efficiency for S&G. The Company moved from B2 to B1 sheetfed work, established its Commercial Print Division and also launched its finishing arm, Pelican Print Finishing. This allowed the Company to offer a wider range of services and also decrease its cost base, passing these savings on to their increasing list of loyal clients.


The next decade saw yet another relocation and S&G moved into a purpose built 75,000 square ft plant at Goat Mill Road, Merthyr Tydfil in 1995, with this facility increasing to a total of 125,000 square ft in 2003. S&G Print Group is a fourth generation, award-winning litho printer employing 220 dedicated people. The Company possesses the printing capabilities and experience that are the envy of the whole industry. They have faced all challenges head-on including recent uncertain trading conditions and unrealistic competitor pricing, to find ourselves in a position of strength and success increasing profit by 1,248% from March 2010 to March 2011.


The diverse range and sheer volume of titles that S&G currently print allow them as a Company to display our full range of skills as the industry’s leading magazine printing company.


With state-of-the-art AGFA graphic equipment, the most advanced Heidelberg presses in Europe, colour management processes, Stahl folders, perfect binding, saddle stitching, mailing lines, a fleet of delivery vehicles, not to mention expert customer service and apprentice and management programmes, S&G has the firepower and knowledge other companies seek to emulate.