Stephens & George

Suppliers & Associates

We have striven to develop and maintain long-standing relationships with all our suppliers; where many of our competitors shop around for the most cost-effective option at any one time, our preference is to establish a set price over a fixed period with a reliable associate, ensuring lasting, strong business relationships and fair pricing standards. We believe that this approach to resource and relationship managing is the most ethical and mutually supportive manner in which to develop a productive, thriving business environment for all concerned.


We have been with our paper suppliers Antalis since 1987 and have built up strong ties with other suppliers since the mid-nineties. Each of our suppliers are valued and play a vital and unique role in the success of S&G.


Although we continually meet with new suppliers in order to keep up with market developments, we persevere to preserve the relationships we have built up gradually, through trust, reliability and continued excellent results. “We’d rather stick with the people that we know; they know our business inside out. It would be possible to switch to another supplier and perhaps make a saving, but it is vital to factor in the problems and upheavals any changes would bring,” explains Gareth Collins, Estimating Manager. We buy approximately twelve thousand tonnes of paper each year and as a result are able to pass on the savings this buying power inevitably brings to our clients. Our relationship depends on excellent communication networks. We recognise the importance and value of interpersonal relationship to engender a fluid, effective and long-term business transaction. We work hard to keep channels of communication, from emails to social events. We even work directly with the suppliers of our suppliers, in order to fully appreciate and understand each stage of the process and to ensure we are fully aware of all the elements of our business operations.


Forming, utilising and developing these lasting relationships with all of our business contacts inevitably allow us to work within a structured and efficient routine. Good communication, proven two-way reliability and lasting ties with our suppliers engenders a trusting and honourable mutual relationship, guaranteeing an efficient regime, improved productivity and the best possible results for our clients and our business associates. This in turn allows us to broaden our client range and our scope for production, to increase the diversity and range of the products we are able to create. As a Company we are able to expand and develop productively and creatively, increasing the number of employees and variety of jobs available.