Stephens & George


At Stephens & George our CSR is something we take very seriously indeed. We recognise that the success of our Company is dependent on our business relationships and we recognise that, as a large and successful business, we have a serious responsibility to those we employ, our business associates, the community which allows us to thrive and the environment in which we operate.

We believe that success ought to be a two-way street and smooth, mutually working relationships and practises are essential in developing S&G as well as the supporting community.

We are able to form additional relationships with those who seek to re-use or recycle our resources when the printing process is complete. We work with J&G Environmental, specialists in waste management to the printing, photographic and healthcare industries. They utilise and dispose of our spent resources not only allowing the materials to be re-used, but allowing another company to develop its own business strategy and benefit financially from what would otherwise have been sent to a landfill site.