Stephens & George

Artwork Supply

File Management

To eliminate any risk of mis-handling by ourselves, it is the responsibility of each customer to ensure that files and folders are named correctly. Each publication must have a folder which the PDFs reside. The naming of the folder should be ‘JOB TITLE-ISSUE DATE’ (for example ‘COMMUNICATOR-July2016’).

The PDFs should be marked up for that job (for example: Communicator-p01, Communicator-p02).

Once you have uploaded files to our FTP, we recommend you notify us so we can check them as soon as possible. When we have copied them onto our server, the Prepress team will create a ‘Copied’ folder and place the files into this folder. This is for OUR use only. Please refrain from placing your files into this ‘Copied’ Folder.

Re-supplying files

If you need to upload a revised file then you must notify us and clearly entitle the file with the word ‘AMEND’ at the end.
For example: Communicator-p01-AMEND

If you have any queries, please contact the Prepress Department.