Stephens & George

FSC / PEFC Claims

Stephens & George are certified with the FSC® and PEFC chain of custody. That means that our customers can use the FSC / PEFC ‘on product claim’ on items that we print on FSC / PEFC certified paper and we will monitor the product through every stage in the supply chain, from the forest, to the final user, via the invoicing process.

Should a client wish to make an ‘on product claim’ we will supply them with the relevant FSC / PEFC on product claim logo which contains our certificate number.

For the FSC, the Client will then need to supply us with a PDF of the page that the logo features on from their product for FSC approval. The turnaround propecia legales online rezept time of this approval is usually within 24 hours between the hours of 7am to 3pm Monday-Friday. All usage of the FSC logo’s must be approved by the FSC prior to print.

The PEFC are less strict on usage, they have one logo and they allow S&G to approve usage on their behalf.

The logo may not be used by the Client again – if a re-print of the product takes place with another printer this on product claim must be removed as it only relates to S&G. Also there are all different versions of the logo dependent on the paper stock.

For further information contact your Customer Service Account Manager.