Stephens & George

Digital Publications

Your publication can easily be converted into a digital publication; the digital publication is an exact replica of the printed product but can be viewed on screen. Pages can be turned, you can use the zoom function for a closer look, all email and web addresses are hyperlinked, and you can search within the publication and even print a copy out.

Options are available such as inserting video footage, playing music and moving adverts utilising HTML.

S&G provide their customers with digital versions of their magazine from the print ready PDFs. A few adjustments to the files (removal of crop propecia køb online marks and convert to a single PDF) and we are ready to upload the files to our digital publications partner, YUDU; they then provide the link to your digital publication which is hosted on 22,000 servers around the world!

Printing a physical magazine will always be our primary focus at S&G. However, we must always adapt to change and embrace the digital world. This is the reason why we are offering our clients their publication in a variety of multi media platforms.

For a free, no obligation preview of your magazine as a Digital Publication