Stephens & George


Stephens & George Limited is pledged to consistently provide products which conform to the specified requirements of its Customers, the Company and any applicable Statutory or Regulatory Body.

The Company will seek the active participation and co-operation of its staff at all levels to maintain measurable, accountable Quality Assurance. On induction all staff are informed of all Company Policies, (Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental.)

The Company has prepared and documented a Quality Management System, which aims to meet Customers’ requirements, by controlling all the processes employed and thus preventing errors.

The Quality Assurance programme of Stephens & George Limited seeks to address, as a minimum, the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and is adhered to by every member of staff, always, includes a commitment to satisfy the applicable ISO 9001 requirements, and provides a framework for setting quality objectives.

Emphasis is given to continuous improvement of the Quality Management System with a philosophy of prevention, rather than correction.

On the anniversary of commencement of employment, we have introduced annual re-training for all employees on processes, environmental policy, and mandatory workplace requirements, e.g., Health & Safety. This is further consolidated by the Stephens & George Limited Training System which seeks to promote personal betterment for all employees.

The QMS has also considered environmental considerations with the Company certification to ISO 14001-2O15 and the FSC/PEFC international standards providing a formal environmental approach to quality management.

We have been members of FSC/PEFC international organisations since 2007 which provide a formal environmental approach to quality management and is a stewardship of all European forests and the protection of our planet.

We firmly believe that certification to ISO 9001:2015 is essential in achieving customer satisfaction, it is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization, supports its strategic direction, continual improvement, and the growth of the Company.

Andrew L G Jones
Chairman & Group Managing Director
23rd March 2022


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