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Due to an increase in public demand and following a considerable amount of research, Stephens & George have now taken delivery of starch-based compostable wrappers for A4 titles.

Environmental Information:

  • This is starch-based compostable grade, it contains ZERO polythene and it is not to be confused with bio-degradable or oxo-degradable substances.
  • It is manufactured using biopolymers which are obtained by means of pioneering proprietary technologies using starches, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combinations.
  • This grade does not contain any plastic content; therefore, when it breaks down there are ZERO micro-plastics.
  • This is a comparable grade to that which RSPB & The National Trust have used recently.
  • It is produced under the OK HOME Compost EN13432 certification.
  • Is it suitable for HOME compost and will break-down in this environment.


Disposal Methods:

  • Place in a home-compost heap
  • Place in a home-garden waste bin
  • Place in a food and vegetable peelings bin at home
  • Open carefully and use at home as a liner for a food-waste bin


By using this method of wrapping, there will no longer be the need for a carrier sheet. The material is pre-printed with a “white-band” onto which the recipient’s name, address and PPI details will be overprinted at time of wrapping, we will also add a message in order to increase public awareness.

If required and providing there is adequate space, we can also include a company/magazine logo.


To request a sample, please email