Stephens & George


Trusting Your Supply Chains

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your current print partner

Does your Print Partner…


  1. …have significant credit facilities in place with their equipment and material suppliers?
  2. …only invest in leading-edge technology in order to deliver the highest level of quality at all times?
  3. …care for the environment and continue to seek ongoing improvements throughout their plant?
  4. …have 24/7 support available within their pre-press department?
  5. …purchase materials from well-managed and sustainable sources?
  6. …only use FSC and PEFC accredited materials and not use those shipped from unethical sources?
  7. …receive paper deliveries at set times throughout the day and night in order to avoid “last minute panic”?
  8. …stock an extensive range of gloss, silk and uncoated papers onsite at all times?
  9. …have a dedicated workforce of 240 employees, many of which have served within the industry for 20 years or more?


If you have answered “No” to any of the above then you need to get in touch with S&G!